BMES Board

Andriana Lebid

Research Experience: worked with the Yale iGEM team on a protein engineering project, in the Campbell Lab on biomolecular characterization of engineered heart tissues, and am currently completing a Sr. project in the Fahmy Lab designing and testing a variation of lipogel nanoparticles for delivery of a B-cell activation inhibitor.

Future: Next year I will be starting my PhD training in the Johns Hopkins PhD Immunology Program. I hope to work toward improving understanding of vaccine and/or immuno-modulatory agent delivery, and would like to pursue a career in academia or biomedical administration.

Extracurricular Activities: Yale Biomedical Engineering Society (obviously), Danceworks, Yale Swing and Blues, Club Curling, Intramural sports (tennis (captain), table tennis, badminton, billiards, volleyball), YHHAP, Ezra Stiles Big Sib

Non-academic interest: Photography, baking, beading

Fun fact: I spontaneously climbed Mt. Fuji while traveling through Japan

Olga Wroblewski
Vice President


Research Experience: worked in the Campbell Lab during 2014 summer to develop specialized cell micropipettes, and is currently developing devices that study how cells differentiate under stress conditions in the Niklason Lab

Future: Interested in tissue engineering research and biomedical device design for underdeveloped countries

Extracurricular Activities: Outside of the BME Club, also a member of Kappa Kappa Gamma and Secretary of the Yale Polish Student Research

Non-academic interest: loves learning different design and prototyping methods such as 3D printing and MatLab.

Fun fact: favorite animal is the octopus

Nicholas Sehlinger


Research Experience: has been working in the Campbell Lab since Spring 2014

Future: Working toward a degree in Chemical Engineering

Extracurricular Activities: swimming and intramural sprots

Non-academic interest: fishing, traveling

Fun fact: can speak Indonesian

Marion Hirshberg
Development Coordinator


Extracurricular Activities: Danceworks, Community Health Educators

Non-academic interest: long runs

Fun fact: has ridden a camel

Alborz Yazdi
Social Coordinator


Extracurricular Activities: Iranian Student Association at Yale, Yale Ideas

Non-academic interest: traveling to warm places

Fun fact: owns a hot-dog suit