Andriana Lebid

Research Experience: worked with the Yale iGEM team on a protein engineering project, in the Campbell Lab on biomolecular characterization of engineered heart tissues, and am currently completing a Sr. project in the Fahmy Lab designing and testing a variation of lipogel nanoparticles for delivery of a B-cell activation inhibitor.

Future: Next year I will be starting my PhD training in the Johns Hopkins PhD Immunology Program. I hope to work toward improving understanding of vaccine and/or immuno-modulatory agent delivery, and would like to pursue a career in academia or biomedical administration.

Extracurricular Activities: Yale Biomedical Engineering Society (obviously), Danceworks, Yale Swing and Blues, Club Curling, Intramural sports (tennis (captain), table tennis, badminton, billiards, volleyball), YHHAP, Ezra Stiles Big Sib

Non-academic interest: Photography, baking, beading

Fun fact: I spontaneously climbed Mt. Fuji while traveling through Japan